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About VCWC

Our Purpose

Our goal is to encourage and empower conservative women to be leaders in their communities, including running for state and local office. We are changing the narrative.


A Conservative Woman:

  • Believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  • Believes that everyone is entitled to equal rights, justice and opportunity
  • Believes in fiscal responsibility at every level of government
  • Believes that faith in God is essential and the protection of religious liberty is vital to maintaining the foundation of our nation
  • Believes in free markets and free enterprise
  • Believes that individual liberty is maintained through Constitutional principles

Executive Board

Amanda Iovino

Executive Director

Bailee Dover

Lisa Lisker


Maggie Cleary

Tara Callahan Carroll

Erika Dyer

Emily Domenech

Melissa Wood

Advisory Board

Kate Obenshain

Suzanne Obenshain

KayAnn Schoeneman

Hon. Nick Freitas

Virginia House of Delegates

Hon. Jen Kiggans

Virginia Senate

Hon. Emily Brewer

Virginia House of Delegates

Marie Quinn


Virginia Conservative Women’s Coalition (VCWC) does not endorse candidates. VCWC works to educate and inform candidates, leaders, and activists around the Commonwealth. The Virginia Conservative Women’s Coalition is a 501(c)4.